Event Diary

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Club Camping 2019

This year the club will be attending the following events:

18th - 22nd April

Big Bang
17th - 19th May

Deva Dubs n Rods
7t - 9th June

Bus Stopover
Dates TBC

* Bug Jam
26th - 28th July

VW Festival
9th - 11th August

16th - 18th August

VW Action
30th August - 1st September

6th - 8th September

Happy New Year and welcome to another VW show season. Tickets for shows such as BusFest and BugJam are already available to purchase online.

If you are booking BusFest tickets you will need to select club tickets and find the SVWOC logo. The code for booking is 5vw0c (5 v w zero c)

If you want to join us in the club camping for BugJam, please contact Ged Thirlwall who is coordinating this yeas camping.

The club will also be attending shows such as BigBang, Deva Dubs n Rods, SkegVegas and VW Action. More info will follow in the coming months.

If there are other shows that you think we should attend, please get in touch. We hope to see you all at our regular monthly meets. As always we are planning on having the sign-up meet in April and will combine this with the AGM as we did last year.

If you have any enquiries please email Ged at gedi@sky.com